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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Part 122:- Create Package for software distribution within SCCM

Let start to look at 1st W - What?

You're going to create a package for Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.1.

1. Go to Software Distribution > Package > Right click New and select Package.

2. Enter the package details as listed below

3. On the Data Source, place a check on "This package contain source files" and click on Set to define the source file location.

4. Specify local drive and point to correct location of the Adobe Reader folder which you have put in previous article.

5. Set the schedule to update the distribution point

6. On Data Access, left the default option to access the distribution folder through common ConfigMgr package share.

7. On the Distribution setting, specify sending priority to High

8. Keep the MIF properties as default.

9. Keep the Security as default.

10. Review the package summary before click Next

11. Wait while the wizard create a package and you will receive a confirmation when package is successfully created.

You've created a package. Next you need to create a program for this package.

Stay Tuned for next upcoming article...