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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Check SSD Life on Mac

 Each SSD came with TBW life spend. Today we are going to explore on free tool to check your SSD TBW.

To do so,

1. Download smartmoontools from

Click on Install the OSX/Darwin package. Download and install on your mac devices

2. Check which disk using "diskutil list" command. Execute from your Terminal app

My disk is disk0

3. Navigate to tool path

cd /usr/local/sbin

4. Execute command ./smartctl -a /dev/disk0

To identify current TBW (Terabytes written) usage, read

  • Data unit Read
  • Data Unit Written

My result is

  • Data unit Read -34.1 TB
  • Data Unit Written - 13.5 TB
  • Available Spare Threshold: 99%
This unit is M1 Mac Mini with 256GB SSD. TBW is 150 TBW,

Therefore my SSD is still healthy. 

To avoid internal SSD from dying too fast (especially M1 or later model which cannot replace SSD), advise using an external SSD to keep those data that are frequent changes (delete, read, write, etc).

Hope this guide help!

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Cyber Security Report 2023: An In-Depth Analysis of the Microsoft 365 Threat Landscape

Hornetsecurity recently published their free annual Cyber Security Report for 2023 which takes a deep dive into the current threat landscape, with an emphasis on emerging threats and M365 vulnerabilities which organizations must be aware of in order to protect their operations in 2023. 

Throughout 2022, Hornetsecurity's in-house Security Lab examined over 25 billion emails to provide the most recent insights and statistics on the current threat landscape. Combined with a detailed knowledge of the larger threat landscape, this multinational team of experts leverages Hornetsecurity’s own huge user data set to reveal major trends and predictions for the future of Microsoft 365. 

In 2023, leadership teams will have a lot to think about. Attacks focusing on mobile devices are likely to increase, and so are attack methods targeting MFA (Multi-factor authentication) applications on mobile devices, as threat actors become more sophisticated in their information gathering on targets.

In such a volatile environment, how can you tell which threats to prioritize in 2023?  Stay ahead in the world of cyber security by downloading Hornetsecurity’s free Cyber Security Report 2023! 

Download your free Cyber Security Report 2023 now! 

Covid 19 + Experience on 2022

Came back from Vietnam on a business trip on 9 Dec 2022. 

On 10 Dec 2022 - No symptoms and healthy

On 11 Dec 2022 - Feeling unwell, blurred mind, and having a headache. In the afternoon, run a body temperature test and covid test.

Hit a jackpot!. Tested positive for covid 19. No choice needs to cancel the Indonesia business trip which is scheduled on Monday. Here is my record of the symptoms

11 Dec 2022 

Tired, nose blocking, fever reaches 38.8 Celcius

End up in bed sleeping the whole day. However, it is reckless sleep

Took medicine - Panadol for fever, Lian Hua, Qing Wen capsule, Vitamin C 

12 Dec 2022

Same on 11 Dec. But with headache

Reckless sleep

13 Dec 2022

Start to have a sore throat, and cough, fever on and off. The temperature within 37.5 C

Reckless sleep continues. 

Midnight sore throat is worse. so encouraged to take a Strepsil when it hurt during sleep.

14 Dec 2022

Fever, sore throat, coughing, flu

15 Dec 2022

Feeling much better however still got a slight fever, sore throat, and coughing.

Ran a covid test on day 4.

Tested negative. Now just need some extra time to fully recover. Guess what? I have lost 4kg of weight during this sickness.

16 Dec 2022

Able to start work. Can do light work but not those heavy-duty activities.
Cough, Sore throat still exist. Should be able to recover in the next few days

That's all on my journey on Covid+

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Cannot Run Nested Virtualization on Windows 11 | "Virtualized AMD-V/RVI is not supported on this platform"

Recently I use upgraded both my mini pc to Windows 11. Everything running smoothly including Vmware Workstation with a few VMs running. However, I found an issue when want to run nested virtualization - Hyper-V.

Error message:

"Virtualized AMD-V/RVI is not supported on this platform"

Here is my tweak to make it work:

1. Uninstall Windows Hypervisor Platform

Go to Control Panel | Programs and Features | Click Turn Windows features on or off

Uncheck the Windows Hypervisor Platform

2. Edit Local Group Policy

Type mmc | Add Group Policy Object | Local Computer

Go to Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | System | Device Guard | Click on Turn on virtualization Based security | Set to Disable 

Then restart your machine and test run nested virtualization.

That should do the trick!

Thursday, November 24, 2022

How to Reduce Memory Usage on Windows 11?

I just upgraded my both machines from Windows 10 to Windows 11. I find out that initial memory after boot up has used around 6GB memory. You can view it from Task Manager.

Here is my fine-tuning and success to reduce around 3GB of memory.

1. Disable start-up program. Microsoft runs a few applications in the background.

-> Use Task Manager | Start up | Disable unwanted programs such as Cortana, MS Team, Onedrive

2. Go to System Properties | Advanced Tab | Settings

-> Under Visual Effect, set Adjust for best performance

3. Modify the registry key

-> Type Regedit

-> Navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

Set ClearPageFileAtShutDown to 1

Restart the machine

Check again the memory usage using Task Manager. Do you get from 6GB to around 3GB? 

Hope this trick helps to reduce your memory usage when upgrading to Windows 11.

Note: These settings are applicable after the upgrade to Windows 11 or the initial setup. Not apply when you install more program and run more on start up application.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Unable to Connect to Google Cloud SQL

 You've just created a MySQL on Google Cloud. However, was not able to access it via MySQL Workbench.

Tried to enable Private IP and use VPC and Public IP, but still failed.

Workaround is

1. Go to Connections > Networking > Public IP

2. Add Network | Put a name

3. Put CIDR of your public network. Example:


4. Save

5. Try accessing again using MySQL Workbench.

Another trick.

1. Go to Connection > Security

2. Check Allow only SSL Connection

Wait for changes to apply

3. Set again root password

Wait for changes to apply

4. Uncheck Allow only SSL Connection

Wait for changes to apply

5. Test access again

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Unboxing Minisforum HM80 and Assembling Parts

 My new lab machine setup. Enjoy

  • 2 TB SSD from Crucial
  • 512 GB SSD from Kingston
  • 2 X 32GB RAM ADATA PC3200 SODIMM (JEDEC, 1.2v, CL22)
  • Acasis External Casing for SSD - Support RAID configuration.

Damage control on this purchase:

  • HM80 - USD 300 ( RM1425 - with conversion 4.75.Initial price USD 339, minus refund on customs charges)
  • 2 TB SSD - RM535
  • 64GB RAM - RM750
  • Acasis External SSD casing - RM 69
  • The rest components is reuse from old machine
Total = RM2779

Cyber Security Roundtable

 How the Major Threats of 2023 Impact Microsoft 365 


In a rapidly changing environment as ours, prioritizing threats has become increasingly important. Ransomware threats, nation state threat actors, log4J, exchange vulnerabilities and so on all need to be handled, but how to tell what threats need to be dealt with first? The answer is quite simple, you, we, the whole security community, needs to respond collectively. We’re all in this together and taking this into account Hornetsecurity has put together a really exciting event centred around predicting the major threats to Microsoft 365 environments in 2023. 

Curious about the implications of the results laid out in the Cyber Security Report 2023? Make sure to join Andy Syrewicze, Hornetsecurity’s technical evangelist, as he discusses the 2023 threats with a panel of security experts. In this session Andy and the panel will discuss:



·       The major threats from 2022 and their future implications  

·       The threats faced by the industry’s “digital transformation” to cloud services  

·       Current world events and their impact on the threat landscape  

·       Predictions for 2023  

·       And more!  



Note, if you haven’t read the Cyber Security Report 2023, you’ll also get a copy when you register!

At the 90 min-long event, the expert panel will take a deep dive into the current Microsoft 365 threat landscape and discuss latest trends, major attacks and upcoming cyber threats from different perspectives. 

Profiler Mark T. Hofmann will take you on an exciting journey into the mind of cyber criminals.
Security expert Hasain Alshakarti analyzes the topic from the point of view of companies and specially focuses on their needs for security measures. And Head of the Security Lab at Hornetsecurity, Umut Alemdar, will provide a wealth of key statistics from his team which conducts forensic analyses of the most current and critical security threats, specializing in email security. 



Dates and time: 

Wednesday 30 November: 4pm CET / 10am ET / 7am PT


As a bonus, all Roundtable registrants will receive a free copy of the Cyber Security Report 2023 when signed up for the event! 


Bring your questions and clear your calendar. This is THE cybersecurity live event you don’t want to miss! 


Save your seat for November 30! 

Saturday, November 12, 2022

How to Apply Sirim Import Permit?

Recently I bought a mini pc from a trusted seller: Minisforum. I bought HX90 in 2021, love the beast, and still running strong. 

My two old machines running AMD 2400G and 2200GB (both 64GB RAM) had problems and the motherboard is finally faulty.

Then I saw Minisforum has a Halloween Sale on Oct 2022 & I decided to order HM80 as a replacement. 

Here is my UPS tracking status:

7:38 A.M.
On the Way
Import C.O.D. (ICOD) charges have been paid or billed.
4:20 A.M.
UPS has received the information needed to submit your parcel for clearance.
4:19 A.M.
UPS has received the information needed to submit your parcel for clearance.
3:54 A.M.
Import charges are due for this parcel. Select Pay Now (where available) or pay at delivery.
3:54 A.M.
UPS initiated contact with receiver or importer for clearance information. Once received, UPS will submit for clearance.
10:40 P.M.
Warehouse Scan
Sepang, Malaysia
10:37 P.M.
Warehouse Scan
Sepang, Malaysia
10:26 A.M.
UPS initiated contact with receiver or importer for clearance information. Once received, UPS will submit for clearance.
Sepang, Malaysia
10:40 P.M.
Warehouse Scan
Sepang, Malaysia
10:15 A.M.
UPS initiated contact with the sender to obtain clearance information. Once received, UPS will submit for clearance.
Sepang, Malaysia
10:38 P.M.
Warehouse Scan
Sepang, Malaysia
10:30 A.M.
Import Scan
Sepang, Malaysia

9:52 A.M.
Arrived at Facility
Sepang, Malaysia
8:00 A.M.
Departed from Facility
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam
7:46 A.M.
Your parcel is pending release from a Government Agency. Once they release it, your parcel will be on its way. / The package is at the clearing agency awaiting final release.
7:46 A.M.
The package is at the clearing agency awaiting final release.
6:44 A.M.
Departed from Facility
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam
5:47 A.M.
Arrived at Facility
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam
4:15 A.M.
Departed from Facility
Shenzhen, China
1:55 A.M.
Arrived at Facility
Shenzhen, China
10:40 P.M.
Departed from Facility
Changi, Singapore
11:33 P.M.
Arrived at Facility
Changi, Singapore
8:08 P.M.
Departed from Facility
Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong
6:05 P.M.
Package is delayed in transit. Delivery will be rescheduled. Check back or signup for UPS My Choice® to receive updates.
Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong
7:01 P.M.
Export Scan
Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong
7:01 P.M.
Origin Scan
Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong
4:56 A.M.
Label Created
Shipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet.
Hong Kong

When the mini pc arrived on 8 Nov 2022, it was held by Malaysia Customs and required an import permit.

Below is my experience on how to apply for Sirim Import Permit and hopefully can help those individuals who would like to apply themselves rather than go through 3rd party agent.

Here are my final charges to import the computer

  • Import Permit = RM40
  • sales tax charges RM81.61 
  • disbursement fee RM50.00
  • Import declaration Surcharges RM43.00.
  • Total RM214.61 [Malaysia Ringgit]

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Configure DR for Your Container Using Kasten

To ensure high availability and low RTO for virtual machines, we will use VM Replication.

How about a container?

Even if containers can easily be re-deploy, we still need to configure disaster recovery. View below video on how to do so using Kasten

Friday, October 28, 2022

Video:- Recover Your Container Using Kasten v5

 The next video is to perform recovery for your container when the disaster happened.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Video - Backup Kubernetes Container Using Kasten v5

In a previous post, we talked about the basic configuration for Kasten.

It is time to start looking at the backup of the Kubernetes container.

Monday, October 17, 2022

My Best App for Apple Watch SE 2022

 Here is a compilation of the Apple Watch that I'm using:

To download, open Apple Store

a) Strava

to record workout activity

b) Mobile-Pocket

to create a card for payment. Only suitable for those using bar code. Once you have created a card with a scan bar code, you can use it on an apple watch.

c) Sleep ++

good to track your sleeping pattern.

d) WatchChat

to use whatsapp on AppleWatch

e) Awwallet

to use grab e-wallet for payment. You can use apple watch to make payments or receive money.


f) Microsoft Authenticator

MFA support. You can approve/reject from apple watch

g) WatchTube

watch youtube on an apple watch with Bluetooth earphones. Best use during commuting public transport.

h) Setel

Pay petrol on one tap features. It only works for Petronas petrol station in Malaysia

Video: Recover Kubernetes Container Using Kasten

 In the below video, you will learn how to recover Kubernetes container by using Kasten

Sunday, October 16, 2022

New Gadget: Apple Watch SE 2022 44mm

Today I just received my new Apple Watch SE 2022 - 44mm from Apple Store. Ordered online and took 4 days to ship from Singapore to Malaysia.

 Let's do some unboxing.

1st step: Charging first before doing a sync with iPhone.

2nds step: Sync with iPhone & update with the latest firmware 9.0.2

3rd step: Installed Spigen screen protector, tough armor, and Nike Sport Loop Band to protect Apple Watch

4th step: Configure Apple Wallet.
Currently, Malaysia only support 3 banks: Maybank (Credit and debit card), Ambank (credit card), and Standard Chartered (credit card)

Tested working!

5th step: Configure Grab Ewallet
Tested working!

6th step: Configure Bluetooth to pair with my earphone & test watching Youtube on my tiny watch.

7th step: Configure unlock the device with Apple Watch

Tested supported :
a) Mac Mini - M1
b) Macbook Pro

Tested unsupported:
a) Ipad Air 4
b) iPhone SE 2022

Most likely due to these devices using Touch ID. No option to enable unlock with Apple Watch.

How about my accessories? 

Overall love my new gadget. :)

Video : Backup Container Using Kasten

 In this post, we will explore on how to back up kubernetes container using Kasten.

Please view the below video:

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Video:- Basic Configuration on Kasten to Protect Container

We have completed the installation of Kasten. If you missed the previous step, please click here.
The next step is to do basic configuration on Kasten, to do so please feel free to view below video

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Video - Install Kasten v5

In this video, we look into how to check your Kubernetes environment first before installing Kasten K10 ver5.09. Installation still remained the same since ver2.

Do check out the below video

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Feb Oct -Dec 2022 Courses: Public Cloud

 Would like to expand your skill in the public cloud?

You can get these courses free from A Cloud Guru

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamental
  • Google Cloud Digital Leader


Click here:-

Monday, October 3, 2022

Free Oct 2022 Courses: Kubernetes

 Hi visitor,

If you're interested to learn about Kubernetes, this month (Oct 2022), Pluralsight is giving away 5 free courses. You can try them at no cost.

These are the 5 courses:

  • Getting started with Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Installation and Configuration Fundamental
  • Kubernetes for Developers: Core Concept
  • Managing the Kubernetes API Server and POD
  • Leveraging Advanced Features on the Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine

Hurry, just click this link: 

Enjoy and Happy Learning!

How to Calculate Tape Consumption on Veeam?

 In this post, we will look at how to calculate the tape required on veeam.

Before we proceed, let's understand the tape LTO size

For example LTO9, one tape size should be 18 TB. Always refer to native raw when doing tape calculations. Veeam has compression & dedupe when backup, so when storing data into a tape you should refer to native raw.

Next is using the calculator here:-

It is the same calculator that we use to calculate the backup repository. We just need to do some tweaks when calculating tape consumption.

  • Put source size: 100 TB [our example]
  • scope of work - set to 1
  • Turn off refs

Example: 7 day, 4 week, 12 month, 3 years

Retention, put

  • daily - 7
  • weekly -3
  • monthly - 1
  • yearly - 1

End result

Put into a table and start to divide according to LTO 9. Example for daily - 31/18 = 2 [round up]

The total tape required for 3 years is 82 tapes.

I did a video explaining how I came out with the above tape. Please watch the video below:

Sunday, September 11, 2022

How to Sync Huawei Health Workout Record to Apple Health and Strava?

This post will explore how to sync Huawei health workout records to the Apple Health app and Strava App.

On Huawei Health App

1. Click on ME

2. Click Privacy Management

3. Click on Data sharing and authorization

4. Select Strava and link it

Note: this setting allows the app to send data to Strava app

To view latest data, make sure you perform sync manually

On Strava App

1. Click on Settings

2. Select Application, Services, and Devices

3. Select Health Services and enable

  • Send to Health
  • Notification for new workout

Note: this setting allows the app to send data to Apple Health

On Apple Health

1. On the Summary page, scroll to top, and click your picture - to access settings.

2. Scroll to Privacy, go to Apps

You able to view Huawei Health and Strava

Go to Huawei Health and turn on all

Go to Strava and turn on all

That should do the trick and you able to view data from Apple Health

How to Pull Workout Activity from Strava?

During the past few weeks, I have been exercising " Walking workout" as part of my company well fitness program. I'd be required to do 80km a month starting Aug 22 - Sept 19, 2022.

  • An application used - Strava app.
  • Smart Watch - Huawei Watch

When I viewed on status from the Strava app, it did a great job of listing my workout. Sample example:

Since I did not subscribe and use it as free, it is hard for me to pull a selective report based on date & activity.

It did provide a list of activity and distance but I cannot generate a report based on the date

To resolve this, I have used another program called StatsHunters :

This website was able to connect to Strava to pull your workout information.

After connecting and pulling the activities on Strava, you can do filtering

Go to Left and click on the hamburger menu (3-line bar) and select Activity

Then go to the right side to do the filtering

Type:- Walk

Date: Start date and end date

You will get the result that you want and export it to excel

Excel report

Hope this guide help you to pull workout activity from Strava