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Friday, December 22, 2023

Reconnasissance Tools

Useful tool use to know

a)ICMP Traceroute



b) TCP Traceroute

Useful when firewall blocking ICMP



c) UDP Traceroute



d) Nmap

Use nmap to extract info such as live hosts on the network, open ports, services, types of packet filters/firewalls as well as operating systems and version used.

Example: Zenmap

e) MegaPing

Includes scanner such as comprehensive security scanner, port scanner (TCP and UDP ports), IP scanner, NetBios scanner and share scanner

Example: Megaping

f) Netscan tools Pro


g) Solarwinds Port Scanner

h) PRTG Network Monitor


i) OmniPeek Network Protocol Analyzer


 j) Nbtstat utility

Display netbios over tcp/ip protocol statistics, Netbios name tables for both the local and remote computers and the netbios name cache

Example: nbtstat -a

k) Netbios enumerator

Help to enumerate details such as Netbios name, username, domain name and mac address for a given range of ip address

Example: NetBios Enumerator

l) Global Network Inventory


m) Advanced IP Scanner


l) Hyena


m) Nsauditor Network Security Auditor


Saturday, December 2, 2023

Unable to Restore OCP-V VM from S3 When Using Kasten v6.5

I've upgraded to Kasten v6.5. I was able to back up RedHat OpenShift Virtualization VM using Snapshot and S3. However was not able to restore from S3 using TransformSet which I have created on v6.0.12. You may refer to .

Reported as a bug for a future fix. 

The workaround is to create a transform when doing restoration. [Click on below to view in large mode]

Friday, December 1, 2023

Unable to Restore OCP-V VM from S3 When Using Kasten v6.0.12

In my environment, I have used Kasten version v6.0.12 to back up Redhat Openshift Virtualization Virtual machine. No problem on using snapshot however encounter an error when trying to restore from S3.

After troubleshooting, realized that S3 backup data is a reference to snapshot backup data which has expired/removed. Well, it is not supposed to and reported as a bug for the next release fix.

For a workaround, you need to create a TransformSet. Refer to the below diagram to configure it and apply it when doing a restoration. [Click the image to view in large mode]