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Friday, February 18, 2022

How to Study and Pass VMCE 2021 Exam?

Recently I have just passed vmce 2021 exam. Before I forget the exam question, here is my study guide and what the question would look like.


Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Change Veeam Agent for Mac Managed Server

In this scenario, you decide to change your managed server on veeam agent for mac from mac mini, macbook air or macbook pro to another server. 

After remove the package/reinstall veeam agent for mac package, next step is to point to correct managed server. by default, the configuration is not remove after perform the uninstallation. 

 To do so, 

1. Go to terminal 
2 . Check old configuration by typing the following command

veeamconfig mode info
Setting is pointing to old veeam backup server

3. set new managed server

veeamconfig mode setvbrsettings --cfg [path of the xml file]

4. Verify the settings

veeamconfig mode info

On the veeam backup console, a Mac is reported "Online"

Note: Click on image to view the screenshot