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Friday, August 7, 2009

Part 2 - Integrate Forefront TMG into an array

We will continue from previous Part 1. Make sure you have read and follow Part 1- Integrate Forefront TMG into an array before continue this guide.

1. Start by open the Forefront TMG management from Start > Programs > Microsoft Forefront TMG > Forefront TMG Management

2. This is screen after installed EMS. Click on Array and Click Create New Array on the right pane.

3. New Array Wizard is open. Enter the array name before click Next. In my lab, i will called it "Lab-Array"

4. On the Array DNS name, enter a FQDN for your

5.Then select Default Policy to assign Enterprise policy to your array. Default Policy contain "Deny All" rule.

6.Then you must specify array policy rule types which you can create in the array. By default: select all rules (Deny, Allow, Publishing)

7. Review first before click Finish to start create the array

8. After you click Finish, the wizard will start to create an array

9. This is screen layout after finish create an array