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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Part 121:- Software distribution pre-configuration within SCCM

Hi, everyone !

In order to do software distribution within sccm, you just need to follow 3 W concept ?

3 W refer to What? - When? - Who?

What = refer to Package which can be exe,msi, configuration change(registry), etc
When = refer advertisement schedule. (time/date to deploy the package)
Who = refer to which Collection that you want to deploy software distribution.

Let look into Pre-configuration steps..

1. First,make sure you have set the SCCM server as distribution point roles.

Please refer to Part 103:- SCCM 2007 SP1 Post Configuration- "Configure site role"

2. Enable Advertised Program Client Agents

Please refer to Part 105:-SCCM Client Agent Configuration

3. Set Software Distribution package storage
Go to Computer Configuration > Software Distribution > On General tab > Set to Other Drive than C Drive - to separate from using system drive and avoid using system drive hard disk space

4. Create a folder called PackageSourceFiles. Configure the following permission as listed below:-

a)Set Share Permission (in Windows Server 2008)

- Everyone = Reader
- SMSAdmin = Owner (consist of local administrative permission on the sccm server and is a member of the local administrator on that server.
- System = Co-Owner

b)Set NTFS Security Permission

- System & SMSAdmin - Full Control (all permission)
- Everyone - Read, List folder and contents & Read and execute

5. For each new package, create a subfolder in the PackageSourceFile and store the package (msi,exe) into that folder. Please go to and download Adobe 9.1. I'm going to use this package to further discuss on 1W- What? configuration.

6. Lastly, i always refer to to check the silent installation switches. It is a good website which provide a lot of package silent installation switches. Go and check it out yourself.

That's concluded the pre-configuration for software distribution.

Stay Tuned for upcoming articles to discuss more on 3W....