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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Free Educational Tools

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[Veeam Sizing Tool]
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[Veeam Best Practice Guide]
Veeam Best Practice Guide -

Veeam MS Office 365 Best Practice Guide -

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[Veeam Build Number & Versions]

Veeam Backup & Replication - click here
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Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris - click here
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Veeam Agent for Mac - click here
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Veeam Backup for AWS - click here
Veeam Backup for MS Azure - click here
Veeam Backup for Google Cloud - click here
Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 - click here
Veeam Backup for Salesforce - click here
Plug in for VB for Azure - click here
Plug in for VB for AWS - click here
Plug in for VB for GCP - click here
Linux Package - click here
Veeam Product Lifecycle - click here
Veeam Backup for AHV - click here


The SysAdmin DOJO Podcast – become a kick-ass system administrator: Our goal is simple. We talk with industry experts to provide you with actionable real-world knowledge that will equip you to become the IT black belt within your organization.

From virtualization and automation to Microsoft 365 and security and lots more, tune in fortnightly for your dose of the SysAdmin DOJO Podcast. Also available on your favorite podcast player and YouTube. Check it out now!

Cyber Threat Report 2023This report analyses the current threat landscape, focusing on emerging threats and M365 vulnerabilities, which organisations must be aware of to safeguard their operations. Click here to learn more about the key strategies for preventing attacks. 

The Backup Bible Complete Edition: The complete guide to protecting your data and an essential reference book for all IT admins and professionals. Download your free copy now. 

PowerCLI: An Aspiring Automator’s Guide, Second Edition: The free eBook that adopts a use-case approach to learning how to automate common vSphere tasks using PowerCLI. Get you eBook now! 

How to Get the Most out of Windows Admin Center, Second Edition: It is one of the most important and powerful tools in a system administrator’s toolbox. So, make sure you don’t get left behind – learn everything Windows Admin Center has to offer and how to use it best with this comprehensive guide: Download your free copy now!


Backup & DR Webinar: Learn how to construct a strong and reliable plan based on your unique organizational requirements. Watch this on-demand webinar now! 

PowerCLI Superhero Webinar: Watch this webinar demonstrating 5 powerful real-world applications anyone can deploy to get started with PowerCLI. Watch the free webinar. 

Your 5 Most Critical M365 Vulnerabilities Revealed: Learn how to identify your most critical vulnerabilities and what you need to do to get them safeguarded from attack. Watch the webinar on-demand! 

Free webinar Windows Server Storage: Unlock your storage Potential with these powerful Built-in Windows Server Features. Access the webinar here. 

Windows Server 2022 Webinar: Get a full breakdown of the brand-new OS and get a deep dive into the standout features that will have the biggest impact to organizations looking to upgrade to Windows Server 2022. Watch this webinar now! 

AI: Friend or Foe? The Cybersecurity implications of ChatGPT and AI tools: Watch the on-demand webinar and delve into the benefits of ChatGPT, including its impact on productivity and efficiency, as well as explore the other side of the coin – the potential security risks.