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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Installing Windows 7 RTM

Windows 7 RTM is available on 7 August 2009 and you can login to Technet website ( in order to download the iso file.

Well, i have downloaded Windows 7 Enterprise Edition RTM and let see what is the different during the installation.

1. Let start by booting your computer with the Windows 7 DVD inside.
Select your language, time and currency and keyboard method according to your country.

2. Select Install Now

3.Tick and accept the license terms.

4. Select custom type of installation.

5. You will see your hard disk space. Click on Drive option to create a partition.

6. Select New and enter your partition size.

7. The system will prompt and ask to create 100MB of system boot partition. The concept is almost similar as creating /root partition in linux. By allocate this system reserve, your system run a bit faster. (i think ...:)..)

8. It will look like this after creating the partition.

9. Click Next and start the installation.

10. After the system finish installing the operating system, it will prompt to enter username and computer name.

11. Enter the password

12. On the protection, select Use recommended setting for software update.

13.Select the correct time and date

14. On the computer location, select based on your current location.

15. Installation is complete and this is the screen when first login.

Quite straight forward right...The installation is almost similar as Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. The different is allocate Boot partition.