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Monday, March 20, 2023

Enable Application Aware on Veeam Backup for AWS

 Before enabling application-aware processing backup on EC2 instance, follow below steps. 

Here are a few guidelines and steps for ensuring the VSS-enabled snapshots complete successfully.

  1. The Windows instance must have the SSM agent installed and running. For system requirements and installation instructions for the SSM agent, visit the AWS Systems Manager documentation, ... l-win.html
  2. The Windows instance must have an IAM instance profile attached that:
    * Allows Systems Manager to interact with the instance
    * Allows Systems Manager to create VSS-enabled snapshots
    For information on instance profiles and IAM policies required to create VSS-enabled snapshots, visit the AWS EC2 User Guide for Windows Instances, ... shots.html.
  3. Ensure the IAM instance profile has the "AmazonSSMManagedInstanceCore" role attached.
  4. Ensure the IAM instance profile has an IAM policy attached that allows VSS-enabled snapshots. See the following page for the JSON IAM policy for VSS-enabled snapshots, ... d-vss-role
  5. The Windows instance must have the AWS VSS Components package (AwsVssComponents) installed. Installation instructions for the AWS VSS Components are in the AWS EC2 User Guide for Windows Instances, ... ss-package

Here are the steps I followed to fix the issue on one Windows 2012r2 EC2 (affected OS version):

1. Uninstalled SSM Agent on EC2 (cleaned %ProgramData% caching);

2. Installed AWS Tools and SDK (msi setup containing Powershell extensions enabler);

3. Installed SSM agent;

4. Distributed AwsVssComponents package (here i think was now the point);

5. Run Command AWSEC2-CreateVssSnapshot and worked

Friday, March 17, 2023

Set Postgresql Limit on Veeam Database

When you make changes to hardware for Veeam Database or want to set limit, you are required to re-run this command


a) VBR + Database on the same server



b) VBR Database on a different server/ remote server

Example: 16 cores, 30GB RAM

Set-VBRPSQLDatabaseServerLimits -OSType Windows -CPUCount 16 -RamGb 30

Set-VBRPSQLDatabaseServerLimits -OSType Linux -CPUCount 16 -RamGb 30

For more detail, please refer to

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Veeam V12 NAS Backup Enhancement

 View the below video on the latest v12 enhancement on NAS Backup

Enabled MFA on Veeam Backup Console

In v12, Veeam dropped a new security feature. You can now enable MFA for additional security before using the Veeam console. To view it in action, please view below video

Saturday, March 4, 2023

AI: Friend or Foe? The Cybersecurity Implications of ChatGPT and AI tools

ChatGPT is an AI tool which has taken the world by storm, from writing full-length research papers to

its ability to write code in just a few seconds. Despite numerous benefits of this cutting-edge AI

technology tool, there are also security concerns which are being addressed by

Hornetsecurity will be hosting a live webinar on March 14 at 4:00pm CET to discuss both the

advantages of ChatGPT in terms of productivity and efficiency, as well as the potential risks

associated with its use.

Topics covered:

 How malicious actors can exploit the tool to write harmful code

 The increasing sophistication of cyberattacks

 Strategies for avoiding security breaches through improved security awareness and the use

of security solutions

 How Hornetsecurity’s AI solutions can help protect users from such threats

Register today to secure your spot and take part in the discussion.