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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Part 116:-Create an update list for software update

In this guide, let create an update list for software update.

1. Select a search folder for example Critical Windows Server 2008 Patches and highlight the first Windows update contained and press Shift, scroll down to the last one and press again until all patches are selected.

2. Update List wizard is open. Select create a new update list option and give the name as listed below. Make sure you tick the checkbox download the files associated with the selected software update.

3.When the Deployment Package window appears, click on Browse to select Critical Win2k8 Patches.

4. Select download software update from the Internet

5. Select language "English"

6. Leave the default setting for security right

7.Review the summary and Click Next to confirm

8. The update list is successfully created

9. Hit Refresh to view the latest update list

You have successfully create an update list for Windows Server 20008 Critical patches