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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Check SSD Life on Mac

 Each SSD came with TBW life spend. Today we are going to explore on free tool to check your SSD TBW.

To do so,

1. Download smartmoontools from

Click on Install the OSX/Darwin package. Download and install on your mac devices

2. Check which disk using "diskutil list" command. Execute from your Terminal app

My disk is disk0

3. Navigate to tool path

cd /usr/local/sbin

4. Execute command ./smartctl -a /dev/disk0

To identify current TBW (Terabytes written) usage, read

  • Data unit Read
  • Data Unit Written

My result is

  • Data unit Read -34.1 TB
  • Data Unit Written - 13.5 TB
  • Available Spare Threshold: 99%
This unit is M1 Mac Mini with 256GB SSD. TBW is 150 TBW,

Therefore my SSD is still healthy. 

To avoid internal SSD from dying too fast (especially M1 or later model which cannot replace SSD), advise using an external SSD to keep those data that are frequent changes (delete, read, write, etc).

Hope this guide help!

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Covid 19 + Experience on 2022

Came back from Vietnam on a business trip on 9 Dec 2022. 

On 10 Dec 2022 - No symptoms and healthy

On 11 Dec 2022 - Feeling unwell, blurred mind, and having a headache. In the afternoon, run a body temperature test and covid test.

Hit a jackpot!. Tested positive for covid 19. No choice needs to cancel the Indonesia business trip which is scheduled on Monday. Here is my record of the symptoms

11 Dec 2022 

Tired, nose blocking, fever reaches 38.8 Celcius

End up in bed sleeping the whole day. However, it is reckless sleep

Took medicine - Panadol for fever, Lian Hua, Qing Wen capsule, Vitamin C 

12 Dec 2022

Same on 11 Dec. But with headache

Reckless sleep

13 Dec 2022

Start to have a sore throat, and cough, fever on and off. The temperature within 37.5 C

Reckless sleep continues. 

Midnight sore throat is worse. so encouraged to take a Strepsil when it hurt during sleep.

14 Dec 2022

Fever, sore throat, coughing, flu

15 Dec 2022

Feeling much better however still got a slight fever, sore throat, and coughing.

Ran a covid test on day 4.

Tested negative. Now just need some extra time to fully recover. Guess what? I have lost 4kg of weight during this sickness.

16 Dec 2022

Able to start work. Can do light work but not those heavy-duty activities.
Cough, Sore throat still exist. Should be able to recover in the next few days

That's all on my journey on Covid+