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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Bare Metal Recovery Test Scenario

In this post, we will share on few case scenarios to do bare metal recovery (BMR) using Veeam Agent. 

We will limit the environment to 
a) on-prem repository 
b) secondary repository 
c) local storage 
d) NAS storage 

 Scenario A 

 Env: Backup to local storage (another disk) or Veeam Backup repository using Veeam agent

Test result:- Able to perform bare metal recovery on backup data from veeam agent stored on local storage or veeam backup repository

Scenario B

a) Backup to 1st repo
b) Backup copy job to 2nd repo using Veeam Backup Server/ Agent

Test result:-

a) Able to perform BMR when select "Veeam backup repository" and get backup data for 1st Backup Job and Backup Copy Job. Must point to veeam backup repository to recover BCJ.

Scenario C


Manual copy backup copy job backup data to 
a) local storage
b) shared folder

or point to network storage "Shared folder" where backup data is located

Test result:-

No backup data is visible or

Error message " Veeam agent unable to open backup files created by Veeam Backup & Replication".

Scenario D


a) Manual copy veeam agent backup data to NAS or local disk
b) Access backup copy job backup data from shared folder

Test result:-

a) BMR successful for backup by veeam agent (either local or NAS storage)
b) BMR unsuccessful for backup copy job data ( no backup data)

Scenario E

a) Install new VBR Server and point to an existing repository that has backup copy job data
b) Select Veeam Backup Repository

Test result:-

a) No data visible for BMR
b) After rescanning backup repository on VBR Server. Able to see data on BMR and perform recovery

Conclusion on the test scenario:

1. For Backup Copy Job Data: You need to have Veeam Backup Server, add it as an existing repository, and rescan the repository before being able to recover Backup Copy Job Data. 
2.No issue on Veeam Agent backup data resides on any storage when doing bare metal recovery.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Demo: Instant SQL Recovery

In this video, we are going to explore on how to perform instant SQL database recovery. Check out