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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Slide : Disaster Recovery to the Cloud with Microsoft Azure


During Global Azure Bootcamp (2015), i have presented about data protection and site recovery  to protect your workload with one solution for  different infrastructure either hyper-v, vmware, storage or physical server.

Agenda during Global Azure Bootcamp (Malaysia):


Event pictures:


My session:



Join the Racing Game Lab (available now till end of this weekend). How to participate, please follow the link as posted in below picture



Demo video

Demo 1:- Recovery data on laptop from Microsoft Azure by using Microsoft Azure Backup

Description:- In this demo, we show how easy to recover a data when you’re mobile. As long you have laptop and Internet connection, able to use Microsoft Azure Backup to restore data.

Demo 2:- Recover Azure Virtual Machine by using Microsoft Azure Backup

Description:- We can now protect Azure VM by using Azure Backup from the management portal.

Demo 3: ASR Scenario : Hyper-V to Azure

Description:- In this scenario we got 2 workload running on Microsoft Hyper-V (DB & Web). We configure to replication to Microsoft Azure by using ASR. From there, we can perform planned, unplanned and test failover. In this demo, we have executed test failover and clean up after complete our testing.

Demo 4: ASR Scenario:- Vmware/Physical Server to Azure

Description : In this demo, we have look into how easy to move your existing VMware VM or physical server to Microsoft Azure by using ASR with Inmage Scout technology

Demo 5: ASR Scenario:- Vmware to Vmware using Inmage Scout

Description: In this demo, we use Inmage Scout to configure a protection from Vmware host at primary site to secondary site which using Vmware host as well.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Diagnose Site to Site VPN to Microsoft Azure

When you want  move to hybrid cloud, the first thing that you will need to configure is site to site VPN between on-premise firewall with Azure VPN Gateway. However most of the time, configuration on Azure is straight forward before request firewall team to configure on-premise firewall.

Well out of so many deployment, we found out that there are having problem to establish the connection and the 1st question that they request is

Q1. How to verify or check log on Azure for troubleshooting purpose?

Hmm…the only way to troubleshoot and diagnose at this moment is using Powershell cmdlet.

So far, the best is using script from Technet Gallery from here. Here is one of test scenario that we have tested:

When execute the command, you need to key in Microsoft Account credential and it will list down Azure subscription

  • Enter subscription ID


  • Enter storage container that going to store the diagnostic log


  • Enter folder


  • Enter Virtual network that would like to diagnose


Enter duration of the test


Once diagnostic started, you can rdp into Azure VM and perform ping to on-premise.

After timeout, a diagnostic log is keep inside the storage account and a copy is stored on your local computer. Here is some screenshot of a sample result:


Do take note, that this is Azure Gateway Diagnostics log. You still need to check out IPSec log from your on-premise firewall Main Mode and Quick Mode connection were established, when and where the connection drops. From there you can getting a picture of the issue and understand the packey behavior on Azure as well as the VPN device side and determine where the connectivity issues.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

MVA Video– Best Course to Learn About Microsoft Azure


In the trend to Cloud, we all are challenged with business requirements that calls for faster go-to-market, build and deploy infrastructure that hosts apps or services faster than ever before, and be able to scale and adopt to changing requirements and demand.

Microsoft Azure empowers you to achieve that through the solutions that you are familiar with, be it 3rd party or Open Source, and DevOps tools that help scale your solutions.

Learn through a series of courses to get started with fundamentals, deep dive into scenarios for disaster recovery, and the use of OSS technology on Cloud.


Establish the Foundation: Core IaaS Infrastructure Technical Fundamentals

Get a good look at Azure IaaS virtual machines, inside and out. Learn to optimize your Windows Server workloads on Azure, and dig into IaaS architecture and management best practices.

Watch this MVA from here

Dive Deep into Networking, Storage, and Disaster Recovery

Get the details on high value cloud scenarios like storage and disaster recovery. Explore networking and hybrid connectivity to extend your datacenter, and find out how new tools and capabilities simplify migration.

Watch this MVA from here

Embrace Open Source Technologies to Accelerate and Scale Solutions

Focus on open source technologies on Azure. Explore how to best deploy and manage a Linux environment with tools you know and use today. Learn how to use your existing Chef and Puppet configurations and how to scale new ones to massively scale and deploy your solutions.

Watch this MVA from here

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Restore Azure Virtual Machine By Using Azure Backup

Not long ago, we performed a backup of Azure Virtual Machine by using Azure Backup. We have leave it running for few days and it time to check out the result and performing restoration.

To refer to our previous post about backup, please checkout:-

[ Check History]

On the Backup Vault | Click on Job Tabs. You can filter to view the job according to type, status, operation and date.


You can drill down to view each job details. Below is some sample:-



[ View total recovery point]

Able to view the total of each protection items


[ Perform restoration ]

To restore, click on PROTECTED ITEM tab, select your protected item and click RESTORE


Here you can have an option to

  • restore the VM from the latest recovery point or older recovery point.
  • restore to an existing cloud service or create a new cloud service to create the VM.
  • specify the virtual network and subnet for the restored VM



During our testing, we found out that we can perform multiple restoration of different VM without waiting for existing job to complete.


Give it a try yourself and start to protect your VM on Azure.

Microsoft Cloud Platform Roadmap

For those of you who are interested to know more about Microsoft Cloud Platform roadmap, you can keep track of the latest update from this website:- It’s divided into recently available, public preview, in development and cancelled. Update is available for

  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Enterprise mobility
  • Data management & analytics
  • Application development
  • Internet of Things


Feel free to check it out.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

System Center v.Next Visio Stencils (Complete Suite) is Available

Are you hungry on visio stencil for System Center? You may want to check out the alternative of visio stencil by Thomas. It included for

  • SCCM, 
  • SCOM, 
  • SCSM, 
  • SCAC, 
  • SCORC, 
  • SCVMM, 

And the best part is each stencil can change to different color. 




Interested to download it, please go to Technet Gallery:-

Get Office Lens Android Preview



Do you use android devices ? If yes, then you might interest on latest offering by Microsoft. They just released “Office Lens Android Preview” app . Initially this app only available for Windows Phone. Office Lens act like a scanner which allow you to snap a picture and convert it into either document, whiteboard or picture. Then you can edit which part is important and save it into your favorite format such as

  • MS OneNote
  • MS Word
  • MS Power Point
  • PDF
  • Gallery

and save into your OneDrive.


Below is sample of our testing on documents & drawing on whiteboard:-


OCR and convert into word document and include as images in case OCR information incorrect.



Edit the picture that would like to save.


End result in MS Word. Able to view the entire picture


It was very useful to us as consultant and you may want to check it out. To get it, follow this steps in sequence:

1. Go to Google+ and join as Office Lens for Android Preview Community:-

2. Apply to become tester:-

3. Lastly, download the app from here:-