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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Part 101:- Installing Microsoft Forefront TMG

This guide is using Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway Beta 3 Enterprise Edition as stand alone installation.

Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) is a next version of ISA Server.TMG is a comprehensive Secure Web Gateway solution that helps protect employees from Web-based threats. It also delivers simple, unified perimeter security with integrated firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, malware inspection and URL filtering

System Requirements
-Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2008 64 bit software
-A computer with a 64-bit processor.
-2 gigabytes (GB) or more of memory
-2.5 GB of available hard disk space. This is exclusive of hard disk space that you want to use for caching or for temporarily storing files during malware inspection.
-One network adapter that is compatible with the computer's operating system, for communication with the Internal network.
-An additional network adapter for each network connected to the Forefront TMG server.
-One local hard disk partition that is formatted with the NTFS file system.

To evaluate this product, please go to the following url and download into your system

Let start to prepare a server for TMG.

1. Double click the file and extract the download file.

2. Once the extraction has complete, the system will open a splash screen as display below

3. Select Run preparation Tool. The preparation tool will download and install required Windows Roles and Features, Windows Powershell, .Net Framework 3.5, Windows Installer 4.5 and Windows Web services API.

4. Accept the license agreement to install the preparation tools.

5.Select Install Forefront Threat Management Gateway services.

6. The installation will start to install and download the necessary tools.

7. Once complete the preparation tools installation, the wizard will ask you to restart the server.