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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Quick List on Components Require for Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure

 Here is a quick list of things required when using Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure that you should take note when doing sizing & costing

1. Veeam Backup for Azure Virtual Appliance

Role: to manage backup on Microsoft Azure

Qty : 1

Recommended VM Size:

Standard_B2 with 2 CPU and 4GB RAM or

Standard_B2ms with 2 CPU and 8 GB RAM

2. Worker Instance

Qty : from 1 to N 

Role: will provision and terminate on demand when backup to object storage & recovery. Able to scale worker till N (maximum based on Azure account limit)

Recommended VM Size:

Standard_F2s_v2 with 2 CPUs and 4 GB RAM for standard backup

Standard_E2_v4 with 2 CPUs and 16 GB RAM for archived backup.

Refer to 

3. Snapshot 

for short term retention backup

4. Object Storage (Azure Blob storage)

for long term retention backup

Support: Hot, Cool, Archive

5. Network Traffic

If protected Azure workload and target storage reside in different region

6. Transaction

The cost of making API request to Microsoft Azure during data protection operation & tome that worker were active

Tool: Microsoft Azure Pricing Calculator