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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Quick List on Components Require for Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure

 Here is a quick list of things required when using Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure that you should take note when doing sizing & costing

1. Veeam Backup for Azure Virtual Appliance

Role: to manage backup on Microsoft Azure

Qty : 1

Recommended VM Size:

Standard_B2 with 2 CPU and 4GB RAM or

Standard_B2ms with 2 CPU and 8 GB RAM

2. Worker Instance

Qty : from 1 to N 

Role: will provision and terminate on demand when backup to object storage & recovery. Able to scale worker till N (maximum based on Azure account limit)

Recommended VM Size:

Standard_F2s_v2 with 2 CPUs and 4 GB RAM for standard backup

Standard_E2_v4 with 2 CPUs and 16 GB RAM for archived backup.

Refer to 

3. Snapshot 

for short term retention backup

4. Object Storage (Azure Blob storage)

for long term retention backup

Support: Hot, Cool, Archive

5. Network Traffic

If protected Azure workload and target storage reside in different region

6. Transaction

The cost of making API request to Microsoft Azure during data protection operation & tome that worker were active

Tool: Microsoft Azure Pricing Calculator


Thursday, May 5, 2022

Microsoft 365 Security Checklist - A practical guide for the time-strapped admin - Free eBook

A few minutes and a credit card and you can have enterprise-grade email and collaboration tools ready to go, with not a thought for security, governance, or best practices. It’s in the cloud so Microsoft secures your data – right? Well, not exactly. 

Proper security is tailored to an infrastructure’s unique requirements and responds to a constantly evolving attack and threat landscape. You can’t just rely on Microsoft default settings. And you need to do more than just ‘set it and forget’. The Microsoft 365 Security Checklist shows you all the security settings and configurations you need to know for each M365 license to properly secure your environment.

Written by veteran IT consultant and trainer Paul Schnackenburg, the free 100+ page eBook from Altaro contains full explanations of all the important security parameters, the step-by-step processes of how to access, how to optimally configure them, and a full checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything! 

This eBook has two intended audiences – a small business owner / IT Pro who is managing their own tenant, and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who are managing other businesses’ tenants, but a lot of the content will be relevant to pretty much all M365 admins. And it includes Identity, Email, Teams, Applications, SharePoint, Endpoint Manager, Information Protection, Secure Score and Business Premium and Microsoft 365 E5. So, your main bases will be covered. 

Depending on what your business is and what sector you operate, there might a minimum requirement of what should be in place to satisfy insurance policies, global data laws or general compliance. So, make sure you take the time to figure out what your business needs to be compliant and protected. 

Secure your data and business, work through the M365 security checklist today.