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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Performance Benchmark Amd Ryzen 2400G vs 5600G

My Promox server hit to performance issue.

Therefore I have decided to change my old CPU AMD Ryzen 2400G (4 cores, 8 threads) running on Promox to AMD Ryzen 5600G (6 cores,12 threads). 

Before i made a CPU swap, I did a benchmark & below is the result.

Tool: Sysbench

sudo apt install sysbench

AMD Ryzen 2400G

sysbench cpu --threads=8 run

Result: Refer to event per seconds. Total 7804.45

AMD Ryzen 5600G

sysbench cpu --threads=12 run

Result: Refer to event per second. Total 33266.27

The highest is the number of events per second, better is the CPU performance. 

The winner was AMD Ryzen 5600G (as expected) by 4x

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Unable to Validate License When Using Veeam AI

On Veeam latest version 12.1, you can use Veeam AI similar to chatgpt to inquiry on how to use Veeam.

However, if you encountered an error message " Unable to validate license", you may wonder why this incident occurred?


1. Don't use Community Edition or NFR License file. You must have a paid license and support contract or Evaluation license to use Veeam AI Online Assistant

Friday, February 2, 2024

Backup Promox VM and Container Using Promox Backup Server

Yesterday I've talked about backup natively from Promox VE (this link). Let's look into Promox Backup Server. Promox Backup Server is a client-server solution that allows you to backup virtual machines and containers in Promox VE. 

To begin,

1. Download the installer from link

2. Deploy on Promox VE. Once perform the initial configuration, you can access using web browser url https://<ip>: 8007

From here, you can start backup to disk or to tape.

3. Before we begin, add Datastore disk

Summary datastore (backupdisk1)

Next, remember to add Storage from Promox VE.

4. Go to Datacenter > Storage > Add > Promox Backup Server

4. Define Backup retention policy

5. Create Backup Policy 

Go to Datacenter > Backup > Add > Add policy setting

a) Storage : PromoxBackup

b) Schedule: your schedule

c) Select VM & Container

d) Define Retention

e) Mode: Snapshot

Summary of backup policies

Select Policy and click Run Now

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Backup Promox Virtual Machines and Container

In today's post, we are going to explore how to protect Promox virtual machines and Container

Natively Promox is included with a backup option.

To begin with:

1. Configure storage where you want to put the backup data

Go to Datacenter > Storage > Add

In my lab, i will select NFS as my target

2. Once you have defined the storage, let's move into creating backup policies

Go to Datacenter > Backup > Click Add

a) Select the target to NFS that you created earlier.

b) Tick VM and LXC that you would like to backup

c) Define mode: Snapshot

d) Compression: ZSTD (fast and good)

e) Define backup retention to keep

Once done, all policies will listed on the screen

Click Run Now to execute the backup. You can view the progress of the backup status by double click the task.