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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

TOGAF 9 Certified Preparation (Level 1 & Level 2)

Just passed the TOGAF 9 Certified Exam. You can find the exam info from this sheet:- 

TOGAF stand for "The Open Group Architecture Framework" & quite famous for Enterprise Architecture.

Here is my journey...

  • July 11- 14,2018 - Attended TOGAF 9.2 Training conducted by eLearning LaunchPad Trainer. 4 days class is quite packed with TOGAF architecture, principles & concept. 
  • July 23 -Aug 19 - Study for a month. Need to some time to study as the exam cost USD495.
  • August 20, 2018 - Exam Day
Study material

1. Lecture Slides - Book 1 (hardcopy) - Learn all the theory about TOGAF 
2. Lecture Slides - Book 2 (hardcopy)- Learn about ADM Phases (objectives, approach, steps, input & output). This book allows you to apply the theory in Book 1 into ADM phases.

Study once for both book study.

Additional material to get some understanding about ADM phases, i use YouTube. Just search "TOGAF" and you able to find some good material.

Here are some links:-

3. Study the last book -Reference Material (hardcopy)
The most important book which I spend more time on it. Its contain info such as ADM phases, general definitions, deliverables, principles & Stakeholder Management. Great material to recap what you've studied on Book 1 & Book 2.

Take L1 & L2 Practice Exam to familiar with the question.

4. Familiar with TOGAF standard and Core Concept from online:-

Exam Day

Section 1 - 40 questions (60 minutes)
  • remember to draft ADM Phases into the paper before starting the exam.

Section 2 - 8 question with scenario (90 minutes)
  • Each question will have a scenario. On the left side is the scenario & on the right side is the answer. You can view in the same screen.
  • On top of the left side, you will have a REFERENCE button to assist you on Section 2. Refer to TOC first and scroll to correct page on the items that you want to refer to.
  • Tips for this section is
    • Read the scenario carefully
    • Understand the concern raised
    • Understand what the question wants
    • Eliminate the wrong answer to avoid get 0 score
    • Select those answer which helps to justify the concerned & more related to TOGAF. 

You will have plenty of time for both sections. 

TOGAF certification and Logo
At night, you will receive an email from The Open Group if you passed the exam. You can opt to join Association of Enterprise Architect as a member.

Hope this help on your study to become TOGAF 9 Certified! 

Good Luck!