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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Build Object Storage OnPrem for Lab

In this post, we are going to setup object storage on-prem for lab purpose.
This allow us to test object storage without using Microsoft Azure Blob Storage or AWS S3.

To start, download minio from here.
It is a small file around 43MB.

Start your object storage by using command line.

Minio.exe server <path of object storage target>

We use C:\Backup\Minio

Final command:

Minio.exe server C:\Backup\Minio
Object storage is now ready to use on your on-prem.

Our Lab setup:-

Here is sample of the object storage detail on my lab:
Secret Key: LCWkIm3Cw4MKZTk+4H4e07xRdrU2tzWeyQ0m9qYz

To access your storage from browser:

Use the access key & secret key to access to your object storage.

Good luck on your setup..