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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Configure SSL in IIS7

Here is the steps on how to get certificate in IIS7. The step is quite different compare to IIS6.

1. Using Internet Information Services (IIS), go to your server and select Server Certificate

2. On the Action Pane, select Create Domain Certificate / Self Signed Certificate

3. Enter certificate distinguished name properties

4. On the Online Certification Authority, select your CA server and certificate friendly name.

5. To set require SSL, go to Default Web Site and select SSL Settings.

6. Tick Require SSL.

7. To assign that you have created in Step 1. Go to Default Web Site. On the Action Pane, select Bindings.

8. On the site binding, select https and click Edit

9. Select the correct SSL Certicate.

You've learned how to create, configure and assign certifate to IIS7.