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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Part 120: Create Query based collection and Link collection within sccm

This guide assumed you've read the Part 119 - Create query within sccm.

As i've talked about creating query in previous article, let use the query and start create a query based collection.

1.Select collection, Right Click and select New collection.

2.Enter the name of the collection : - Win2k8 with client installed

3.On the membership rules, click on the yellow icon which represent as database.

4. Query rule properties is open. Give a name "Win2k8 with client installed" and click Import Query Statement. Search for the query that i've created on previous article.

5. Then click OK.

6. The Win2k8 with client installed query is imported and display in the membership rule.

7. Click Next on the Advertisement page

8.Accept the default value for security rights and click Next

9.Click Close on the confirmation of New Collection wizard.

10. You have successfully created a query based collection. The computer running Windows Server 2008 with sccm client installed is displayed on the "Win2k8 with client installed" collection.

After create the query based collection, let recall back Part 113 - Create a collection within sccm.

I have created a collection called " Final SUP for software deployment". It is a collection without membership rules. I'm going to create a hyperlink to a collection. Let me show you one example. eg:using Win2k8 with client installed collection.

1. Select the Final SUP for software deploymen collection, right click New and Select Link to Collection.

2.Select Win2k8 with client installed collection and Click OK

3. Easy right...Now I have created a link for a collection. In below figure, you will notice 2 collection with the same name is exist within sccm.

If you have do the lab exercise on part 119. You can start to create several query based collection and link them to Final SUP for software deployment collection.

Lastly, repeat step Part 117 -Deploy software update within sccm to deploy patches to multiple operating system.

That's concluded Software update feature within SCCM. In the next upcoming article, i'm going to explore on Software distribution feature within SCCM.

Stay tune...Cheer ...