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Monday, August 10, 2009

Part 3:- Integrate Forefront TMG into an array

In this article, i'm assume that you have perform Part 1 and Part 2 - Installing Microsoft Forefront TMG in another server.

By using a new installed stand alone TMG server, we are going to join to an array.

1. Using Forefront TMG Management console, click join Array on the Roles configuration.

2. Welcome screen to the Forefront TMG Join Array Wizard is open.

3. On the Array Membership Type, select Join an array managed by an EMS server.

4. Enter the EMS FQDN as you've created in previous article and select connect using the credential of the logged user.

5. The wizard will detect your EMS and show the Lab-Array which you've created in previous article. Select join an existing EMS managed array- Lab-Array.

6. Review the wizard and click Finish

7. It will join your existing stand alone server into EMS array

8. Just wait until you see this screen

9. On the Array, Click Dashboard. The Dashboard is the place whereby you can monitor TMG alert, session on each joined TMG in an array, Protection , Definition updates, Network Status and Services status of TMG.

That's concluded the lesson about integrating Forefront TMG into an array. Stay Tuned for overview features of TMG in the upcoming article