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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Setup VPN Tunnel Using Two Asus Router

 We will look on how to setup VPN tunnel between two sites using Asus router.


Main Site:

DR Site:

Here is my configuration:-

Main Site 

Using ASUS RT-AC1300 UHP

Configure using Open VPN - act as VPN Server

1. Go to Advanced Settings | VPN | VPN Server | OpenVPN

2. Enable OPENVPN Server & click on Advanced Settings for VPN Details


Interface Type: TUN

Respond to DNS: Yes

Advertise DNS to clients: Yes

Push LAN to clients: Yes

Direct clients to redirect Internet traffic: No (as each site uses their own internet access for external traffic)

Manage Client-Specific Options: Yes

Allow Client <-> Client: Yes

Allow only specified clients: Yes

Common name: client

Subnet :


Push : Yes

4. Click Apply

5.Create a new username & password

6. Export the openvpn configuration file to DR site

DR Site

Using ASUS RT-N18U

Configure using Open VPN - act as VPN Client

1. Go to Advanced Settings | VPN | VPN Client | Add profile

2. Add the user credential that you have created previously & upload the open VPN configuration file

3. Click Activate

End Result

Connection established!

On Main Site Router indicated "Connected"

You are now able to RDP to the machine on both sites.