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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Configure SCVMM Self Service Portal

Hi, i'm assumed you have read my previous article on installing SCVMM Self Service Portal:- and have install SCVMM Self Service Portal.

Let continue on additional configuration before you can start to use the VMM Self Service Portal.
In next configuration, You need to:-
a) Create Group host that you want to dedicated to Self Service Portal
b) Create a self service roles
c) Assign an owner of the VM

Follow these step by step instruction:-

a) Create Group host that you want to dedicated to Self Service Portal
Please refer to

b) Create a self service roles

SCVMM Self-Service Portal is designed for users to access virtual machine. To access the Self-Service Portal a self-service user role must be created and users added as members of that role. By default, only administrator roles is created.

To create the Self-Service User Role, follow these step-by-step instructions

1.Go to Administration View button and select User roles. On the Action Pane, click on new user role.

2. On the General page, enter the user role name "Self Service Users Role" and select a user role profile 'self Service User".

3. On the add members, you can click Add button and add either user name or group. If you would like to assign more user to the VM, you should use group account.

4. On the select scope, select the host group that you would like the Self Service user to access.

5. On the Grant permission, assign the right that you would like to give to the users.

6. On the Virtual Machine creation setting, tick  "Allow user to create new virtual machine" and click Add to select the template the user can use to create a VM. You can specify the quota that limit the user on VM creation.

7. On the Library Share, tick "Allow users to store virtual machine in a library" and select the Library server available. This option allow the user to use VMM Library Server.

8. Review the summary before click Create button.

c) Assign an owner of the VM

After complete the above steps, you need to assign an owner to the VM. Self Service User can access their own VM. You can only assign 1 owner per VM.So if you've multiple user access to the VM, i recommend that you use group account.

Go to the Properties of the VM and enter the owner account.

d) Test Self Service Portal

1. Open browser and type Enter a valid user name and password.

2. You will see your own VM in the Self Service Portal

That's concluded SCVMM Self Service Portal configuration.