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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Host Group in SCVMM

By default, all host added into SCVMM will put under All hosts root host group. You can group the host according to their roles and set aside host resources. For the host group, you can name it based on branch or department.

1. To create a host group

Right click all hosts and select new host group

2. To move the host into the host group.

Select the host, right click and select move to host group

Select the destination host group that you want the host to allocate.

3. To delete the host group.

You can delete the host group , if no host is assign to the group. Make sure that you have moved the host to another host group. You will receive an error message, if you try to delete a host grup which contain a host.

4. To assign host reserve based on group. The host reserves determine the amount of CPU, memory, disk space, disk I/O capacity, and network capacity that will always be available to the host operating system.

Just select the host group, right click and select properties.

Select the Host Reserves tab. Here you can reserve the resources for the hosts/parent partition.