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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Automatic Start and Stop Action in Hyper V

If you have been using Virtual Server, you will notice that each time your physical server is shutdown or restart, the Virtual Machine is not automatically boot unless you write a script to solve this problem.

Hyper V included the feature called Automatic Start Action and Automatic Stop Action to solve above problem.  Let look what does this new feature are offering

1. Automatic Start Action

This option apply when the host is boot up. For each VM, you can set
a) Nothing - do nothing and leave it
b)Automatic start if it was running when the service is stopped. (default)
c) Always start this virtual machine automatically. I will use this option for some VM to automatically start. You can also configure startup delay for certain VM to start later. Eg: start Database VM first, then set delay 30 second for the application to start.

2. Automatic Stop Action

This option allow
a) Save the VM (default) - The best option
b) Turn off the VM - cold shut down. (not recommended, you must give the same care as physical machine)
c) Shutdown the guest OS.

In order to use this feature, your VM must install with Integration services.