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Monday, October 5, 2009

Add new library shares in SCVMM

On my previous article, i've provided a guide on how to add library server. This round,i'm going to show you on how to add additional library share folder into the SCVMM. You can proceed to

1. Click on Library View and select your library server

2. On the Library server (on the right side), click Add Library Shares

3. The SCVMM will detect the library server share folder. Make sure that you've share the folder in order to visible in the library server share. For my example: I'm adding a new share folder for base operating system VM which i have sysprep to use in the SCVMM later.

4. Review the summary before click Add Library shares.

5. After the job is completed, you can see the Base VHD has added into the library server.