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Friday, October 23, 2009

Configure preliminary configuration on DPM 2010 Beta

Let look into how to configure preliminary configuration before start protecting your data on DPM 2010.

1. Add Disk to Storage Pool. DPM is a disk based backup solution. Make sure, you have additional disk storage allocate for DPM.

Open the DPM 2010 Administrator Console, Click on Management, click Disks tab and Select Add on the Action Pane.

-Select available disk to storage pool

2. Then Install protection agents on the computers you want to protect.
Go to Agent tab and select install on action pane.

You will notice that on DPM 2010, you need to select agent deployment method such as

a) Install agent
-applicable when the windows firewall is turn off/ has put exception

b) Attach agent
-applicable when the windows firewall is turn on and you need to install the agent manually.

For agent manual installation, please run this command:-

a) net use z: file://dpm01/c$
-map c drive of server:- dpm01 to Z drive

b) Go to this command

Format: -
DPMAgentInstaller.x64.exe -DPM server FQDN-

If you forget to specify the DPM name, pls run this command
:\Program Files\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\bin\ SetDpmServer.exe – dpmServerName .

After perform the installation, refresh the console and you agent will reported the status OK.

3. Once complete, you can start to configure protection group.

Stay tuned  for next upcoming article on configure protection group for Hyper V.