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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Migrate a VM using SCVMM

Using Hyper V Manager, you can use Export & Import feature to migrate the VM to another host. But it is quite tedious as later you need to copy & paste to another host before import. Let look on how you can migrate a VM to another host by using SCVMM.

To migrate a VM to another host, follow these step by step instruction

Note:- Recommend to save the state of the VM first before start the migration. The SCVMM will notify that there will be an interruption during migration of the VM.

1. Select the VM, right click and select Migrate

2. On the select host page, select your host based on Intelligent Placement recommendation.

3. Select the path that you want the VM to migrate.

4. Select the network adapter that you want the VM to use once it has migrated.

5. Review the summary before click Move

6. A migration job will start. You will notice that the migration of the VM is using BITS technology.

The migration of the VM to another host will take a while.