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Monday, October 5, 2009

Add new library shares in SCVMM

On my previous article, i've provided a guide on how to add library server. This round,i'm going to show you on how to add additional library share folder into the SCVMM. You can proceed to

1. Click on Library View and select your library server

2. On the Library server (on the right side), click Add Library Shares

3. The SCVMM will detect the library server share folder. Make sure that you've share the folder in order to visible in the library server share. For my example: I'm adding a new share folder for base operating system VM which i have sysprep to use in the SCVMM later.

4. Review the summary before click Add Library shares.

5. After the job is completed, you can see the Base VHD has added into the library server.


  1. Hi Sifu,

    Congratz for receive token during last week's PTC event.

    In scenario that I configure everything using Hyper-V Manager & I configured Failover Cluster CSV. Later part, if install SCVMM, during installation, for Library Server path should I put on other drive or inside CSV Folder

    I still not quite understand about this Library Server. What is the purpose? Is it that we able to view all vhd file that I created before in Hyper-V & can reuse back when i create new VM? How about when I want to create new VM, if use VMM, can I able to create the new image automatically to Library Server

    Any useful link that I can refer how to configure Library server & sample of print screen or video

    Thank you very much. You have been so helpful for all my previous question. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi there,

    Thank you.Did not know anyone. Probably you should introduce yourself next

    Let back to your question.
    1. When implement failover cluster for Hyper V and you plan to setup VMM Library, then the VMM library need to be file share cluster. No stand alone VMM Library is supported in this scenario.

    2. Library server is very useful. I use it to store all the ISO file and template. In virtualization , we seldom use CD. Why want to search and look for CD. Just convert to ISO and put into VMM library so you can use on virtualization infra. Another cool stuff is template. How do you setup VM? Normally we create VM, put iso and rerun the setup. This is old method and troublesome. This method you need to wait 30-40 minute of OS setup.
    But with template store on VMM Library, i can provision a VM, join to domain, etc within 10 minute. See how useful of this method.

    3.To create template, setup a new vm without extra configuration. Use VMM, convert to template. Then it will store in VMM library for future use.

    4. more on my I will probably blog on this on VMM 2012. Concept still same but with more cool features. Sometimes , i want to drop VMM 2008 R2 and jump to VMM 2012.

    Stay tuned, thanks for visiting and happy reading...

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for the explanation, finally I got better idea about library server. Yes, I must agree your blogs really useful for us.

    For file share cluster, do I need to preconfigure the disk before I enable CSV option? Or I can add storage disk using Failover Cluster...
    Do I need to assign 2 disk as well for Quorum & Volume as i did for CSV?
    Is it recommended to put the file server inside CSV Volume...

    To create template, must setup VM using Hyper-V or SCVMM...

  4. Hi,

    Q1:- dont understand. Pls elaborate more.

    Either or.

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