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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Use Azure Files as Veeam Backup Repository on On-Premise

There are several way for you to move backup data to cloud such as Microsoft Azure.

Most of times, we recommend to use

a) Microsoft Storsimple- refer to our previous blog -
b) Netapp Altavault - refer to our previous blog:-

Item (a) and (b) will act as gateway to tier data to Azure Storage.

Another option is setup Veeam repository on Azure. Veeam repository is a storage location used by Veeam Backup & Replication job to store backup files, copies of VMs and metadata for replicated VMs.

The way to do it is

c) build site to site VPN to Microsoft Azure. Then provision a virtual machine and configure as Veeam repository. This is a workable solution but most people don't like it as it consume
-> Azure Compute
-> Azure Network for Site to Site VPN.
-> Azure Storage

However, some people prefer to use Azure Storage only. Question is "Can we use Azure Files? "

According to Azure Files blog (, we can mount the file share from an on-premise client running Windows.

Quote taken from above link:-

"Mount the file share from an on-premises client running Windows

To mount the file share from an on-premises client, you must first take these steps:
Install a version of Windows which supports SMB 3.0. Windows will leverage SMB 3.0 encryption to securely transfer data between your on-premises client and the Azure file share in the cloud.

Open Internet access for port 445 (TCP Outbound) in your local network, as is required by the SMB protocol."

To learn on how to create Azure Files, please refer to

Here is our test result:-

[On-premise Windows]

Encountered an error message "path was not found"

On Veeam console, we tried to add as CIFS shared as backup repository. Also encountered an error message.

[Azure VM - same region as Azure Storage]

Able to map file share without any issue

We dig deeper by running portquery.

Portquery result for on-premise showed "FILTERED"

Portquery result for Azure VM showed "LISTENING"

Conclusion, our test ISP service provider (Malaysia) are
  • Telekom (Unifi)
  • YES 
has blocked port 445.

Meanwhile, another ISP "Innet Solutions Sdn Bhd" has port 445 open and mount file share on on-premise work fine.

Therefore, we don't advise to use Azure Files as veeam backup repository on on-premise unless you have test it on your environment. 

Note:- Make sure your ISP allow port 445 (Outbound) if you insist to use Azure Files on on-premise. :)