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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Free Routing Product - Freesco Router

During setup my lab environment, i need to do routing on different subnet on virtualization. Basically i can do so by setting up RRAS but i come across of this product called "Freesco Router".

FREESCO was developed in the open source tradition as an alternative to routing products offered by Cisco, 3-Com, Accend, Nortel etc. The best of all, FREESCO is FREE!

FREESCO is based on the Linux operating system. And incorporates many of the features of other Linux distributions into software that fits onto a single 1.44 meg floppy diskette. With FREESCO, you can configure:

  • a simple bridge with up to 10 Ethernet segments
  • a router with up to 10 Ethernet segments
  • a dialup line router
  • a leased line router
  • an Ethernet router
  • a dial-in server with up to 10 modems (with multiport modems).
  • a time server
  • a dhcp server
  • a http server
  • a ftp server
  • a dns server
  • a ssh server
  • a print server (requires TCP/IP printing client software)
FREESCO also incorporates firewalling and NAT, which are resident within the Linux kernel, to help protect you and your network. All of these features can be used in conjunction with each other or individually.

Create a virtual machine with 1 vcpu, 256 MB of memory & attached to FREESCO iso. Remember to add multiple ethernet.

For authentication, you can use root & admin to login in and change some settings.

You can use web based to configure some setting as well. Use http://ip address:82

I'm personally love to use it since it don't need Windows OS and consume less resources compare to use RRAS. With additional capabilities, no harm to use it on lab environment.

Give it a try and good luck on your testing .

To download:- Click here