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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Protect Linux VM on Microsoft Azure

In this post, we are going to look on options available to protect Linux VM on Microsoft Azure.

There are two recovery that you can perform:
a) Recover entire Linux VM
b) Granular Item Level Recovery for Linux VM

To Recover entire Linux VM on Microsoft Azure, the best option is using Microsoft Azure IaaS VM Backup which is part of Azure fabric. Backup data is store on Azure Backup Vault.

When disaster, you can restore entire vm image. Please refer to 
Next, how about granular item level recovery? Let check out on each options:

a) Azure Backup Agent - N/A. Only protect  Windows VM (Azure)
b) System Center DPM - N/A .Only protect Windows VM (Azure)
c) Azure Backup Server - N/A. Only protect Windows VM (Azure)
d) Azure IaaS VM Backup - Protect entire VM image for Windows & Linux (Azure)

So the only option that available is use 3rd party. We had tried Veeam Agent for Linux.

Check out our previous post about Veeam Agent for Linux:
To download, click here.

Feel free to check it out!