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Monday, December 5, 2016

How to Setup NFS Server Using Windows Server 2016?

In this post, we are going to look on how to setup NFS Server by using Windows Server 2016 & use by Vmware ESX (i) as NFS datastore.

NFS stand for "Network File System". It is tradisional and most popular file shared method for the Linux, UNIX system and Vmware. NFS shared folder can then used to share files and data between NFS Server & NFS Client.

[ Install NFS Server ]

In Server Manager, click Manage , Click Add Roles & Features
 Install "Server for NFS" on File and Storage Services

[Configure NFS Server ]

On new empty drive, right click and select Properties
Click NFS Sharing Tab, select Manage NFS Sharing

Tick Share this folder
Enter Share Name
Click Permission

Set type of access "Read Write"
Tick "Allow root access"

Now our NFS server is ready! Last step, configure on Vmware side.

[Configure NFS Client]

On ESX(i), click on Configuration, Add Networking

Select VMKernel

Create a new standard switch and bind to a physical NIC
 Enter network port name
 Enter IP Address (same network as your storage -NFS Server)

Now vkernel port is ready.

Lastly, start to mount the NFS share to vmware as new datastore.

Click on Storage | Add Storage

Select Network File System
Enter NFS Server IP
Enter NFS Share Name
Enter NFS datastore

Complete the wizard. Your new NFS datastore is added into Vmware ESX (i) host.