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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Integrate NetApp AltaVault With Veeam and Microsoft Azure

Next scenario, we are integrating NetApp Altavault with Veeam Backup & Replication. NetApp AltaVault is known as Cloud Integrated Storage and it support multiple Public Cloud & Private Cloud.

Our scenario:
  • Veeam Backup & Replication
  • NetApp Altavault
  • Microsoft Azure

Below is the screenshot of supported cloud that you can integrate with AltaVault.

On our test environment, we are integrating with Microsoft Azure Storage & set bandwidth limit to Cloud Replication Interface to avoid appliance use entire organization Internet bandwidth.

After integrate Netapp Altavault with Microsoft Azure Storage, we able to view total Azure Storage size is 625TB (local disk + Azure Storage)

 You need to configure SMB Share with deduplication and compression enabled. Data store on Altavault will be dedup and compress.

At this stage, we have configure
  • Integrate Netapp Altavault with Microsoft Azure Storage
  • Configure SMB Share

Next, we will start to add SMB Share as Veeam Backup Repository.

Then you can start to configure backup job to backup virtual machine to new repository. Do remember to uncheck "Enable inline data deduplication" and set compression level to "Dedup friendly". We would like the storage appliance to do compression & deduplication.

Here is the result after backup completed.

  • Virtual machine original size: 2.3 GB
  • Deduplicated Data : 1.28GB
  • Deduplication factor is 1.8X

Note:- Result is varies depend on workload.

Then we realize data is automatically replicated to cloud. Below is the screenshot from the report.

After completed, here is the screenshot of usage on cloud & disk

Cloud storage use: 1.27 GB

On Azure storage, we notice data is in different format. We believe it had been encrypted.

Besides than backup, we did tested recover entire virtual machine & granular item level recovery using Veeam Explorer. Both work as expected.

To conclude, we manage to 
  • use NetApp Altavault as Veeam Repository (as SMB Shares)
  • Store backup data to Altavault
  • Tier data from on-premise to Cloud

Stay tuned for our next post....