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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Recover Linux Workload Using Veeam Agent for Linux

In our previous post, we had talk about backup linux workload using Veean agent for linux. Next step is look into recovery to verify that the product is working as expected.

[ Recover Files ]

On the Veeam console, we are able to view successful backup job. Press R to select recovery and select which backup job that you would like to recover.

Then veeam will mount the backup data to /mnt/backup

Use command line to navigate to /mnt/backup and copy files that you require.

Once completed, you can unmount the backup data.

[Perform bare metal recovery]

How about entire OS/disk corrupted? You can perform bare metal recovery. Just boot the recovery media iso and select "Restore volume"

To perform this scenario, we've remove the existing disk and add a new disk. This will ensure that we took the backup data and perform recovery to empty disk

Restore in progress...

After restore complete, reboot the system. Your system is up and running as expected.

To get a hand on beta , please go to