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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Note Taking : Veeam v12 NAS Enhancement

 This is a blog post on note-taking for Veeam V12 NAS Enhancement

1. Backup to object storage directly

2. NAS Backup - Copy mode

  • copy recent data to the archive repository

3. Immutability for NAS backup

4. Storage Integration - Nutanix Files support on Veeam

  • NAS Filer
  • Automated snapshot creation
  • Changed File Tracking

5. NAS to tape - File to Tape with new improved engine

  • NAS backup to tape does not support GFS
  • Tape job always writes latest restore point to tape

6. Instant File Share Restore

  1. SMB shares - no longer read only and can migrate to production
  2. NFS shares - can be published as read only SMB

7. Health Check available for NAS

8. Rotated Drives - with limitation

  • only for backup
  • Not for archive repository, backup copy