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Monday, October 17, 2022

My Best App for Apple Watch SE 2022

 Here is a compilation of the Apple Watch that I'm using:

To download, open Apple Store

a) Strava

to record workout activity

b) Mobile-Pocket

to create a card for payment. Only suitable for those using bar code. Once you have created a card with a scan bar code, you can use it on an apple watch.

c) Sleep ++

good to track your sleeping pattern.

d) WatchChat

to use whatsapp on AppleWatch

e) Awwallet

to use grab e-wallet for payment. You can use apple watch to make payments or receive money.


f) Microsoft Authenticator

MFA support. You can approve/reject from apple watch

g) WatchTube

watch youtube on an apple watch with Bluetooth earphones. Best use during commuting public transport.

h) Setel

Pay petrol on one tap features. It only works for Petronas petrol station in Malaysia