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Monday, July 4, 2022

Note Taking Veeam v12 Capabilities for Service Providers

 This blog post is note-taking for Veeam v12 Capabilities for Service Providers

1. Support for Postgres for VBR and Enterprise Manager

  • Open Source Database
  • Performance & Scalability
  • Microsoft SQL Server is still available to use
  • Upgrade path 
    • a) EM to v12-> VBR to v12 -> Migrate EM to Postgres -> Migrate VBR to Postgres
  • The backup server & Enterprise Manager must have the same database type
  • Reduce licensing cost

2. CDP proxy on Linux

3. Linux Gateway & Proxies

to proxy access object storage

3. Move Machines between backup job

4. Retry one machine instead of whole job

5. Trigger active full for one VM

6. Separate health check schedule

7. VeeaMover

  • move back up to a different repository
  • Migrate Refs to XFS, NTFS-> Refs
  • Rebalance SOBR
  • Copy backup to a different repository

8. Security

  • gMSA and Keberos support
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Veeam Console
    • Protect IaaS environment
    • Protect cloud connect environment
    • Protect MSP environments
  • Auto log off after X minutes
  • Classified data marking

9. Object storage & SOBR

  • Direct to Object Storage
  • End-to-End Storage for SOBR
  • New object storage format
    • reduce transactional overheads and streamlines IO
  • SOBR rebalance

10. Self Service Portal Enhancement

  • Instant VM Recovery capability on EM by tenant
  • Available on vSphere and Vmware Cloud Director

11. Automation & API

  • Powershell 

12. Continuous Data Protection for Cloud Cloud with Vmware Cloud Director

  • CDP for IaaS (vcloud director) or CDP via Cloud Connect (vcloud director)
  • Replication
  • Failover vApps between virtual datacenter
  • Different vcloud director server are supported

13. Restore from Cloud Connect as the Service Provider Restore

14. VSPC v7 Integration

a)Self Service FLR for VSPC managed agent

  • self service portal for users
  • delegated restore (by a service provider or reseller)
  • Support for Windows/Linux/Mac

b) VBR patching and updating

c) CDP Policies support

d) Veeam Backup Appliance (public cloud) -orchestrate VB appliance creation