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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Note Taking : Veeam v12 Tape Enhancement

This is a blog post taking for Veeam v12 Tape Enhancement

LTO 9 Support

Tape Server on Linux

  • Not recommended running on hardened linux repository
  • Put on a separate Linux machine
  • Linux uses SCSI drivers used
  • Tested on IBM
  • Support x64 system only. Same as VBR repository/proxy in v12

New File to tape job

  • Require to license - VUL
  • 1 instance = 500GB
  • Allow to backup directly to tape using file to tape job
  • Better performance & optimization (parallel tape drive support, database optimization, backup and enumeration run at same time, asynchronous read)
  • Retain permission like NAS Backup
  • Cross ACL restore is not supported (Windows to Windows/Linux to Linux)
  • Path exclusion supported
  • Console display for file to tape job (file share). Able to restore file to tape job
  • V12 last backup time is stored in UTC format

NAS Backup to Tape

  • Avoid load on production NAS storage
  • Fulfill 3-2-1
  • Source -> NAS backup to Disk -> File to Tape
  • NAS backup/and or NAS backup copy as source
  • Tape job always writes latest restore point to tape
  • NAS backup to tape does not support GFS
  • A periodic full backup is available for file to tape/NAS to tape
  • Files are store in native format. Restore files as files
  • Does not consume license for NAS to tape

Other tape enhancement

  • Support backup object storage to tape
  • Daily GFS & Monthly media set
  • Display current activity on tape drives
  • Eject after inventory or catalog
  • Audit for tapes
    • Windows event
    • File from tape restore audit
      • General options > security > audit logs location
      • Default to C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Backup\Audit