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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Force An Object Discovery After Add DPM Server in SCOM


Well, if you have perform DPM Centralize console using SCOM and you have just installed SCOM agent into DPM Server. Next is you would like to manage and monitor DPM Server but when view on the monitoring workspace, no object is discover under “System Center 2012 Data Protection Manager”.

By default, it has a predefined schedule but i can’t remember when and you do not want to wait for another 24 hours. Here is a way to force an object discovery.

Just go to SCOM services snap-in and restart “System Center Management”. Just wait for a while then the object will appear under “System Center 2012 Data Protection Manager”. Below is a sample of Protected Server just detected after restart the service. (result: Not monitor)


and after a while…