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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Teaming in A Virtual Machine using Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V


Hey! We have heard about new feature called “NIC Teaming in Windows Server 2012”. In my previous post, i have talked about physical NIC Teaming using Windows Server 2012 as well, you can always refer to here.

Now, won’t it be an interesting to have a teaming in a virtual machine as well?. In this article, we will look on how to configure teaming in the guest virtual machine.



1. Shutdown the virtual machine

2. Add 2 Network Adapter or 2 Legacy Network Adapter to the virtual machine. If you select Network Adapter, please remember to install the Integration Service Component.

3. On the network adapter:-

  • Point 1st Network Adapter to Virtual Switch 1
  • Point 2nd Network Adapter to Virtual Switch 2


4. On the Advanced features of the network adapter, remember to Tick “Enable this network adapter to be part of a team in the guest operating system”.

5. Connect to Virtual machine and select NIC Teaming using Server Manager snap-in.

6. Then, on the Adapter and Interfaces, select both Ethernet , click Tasks and select Add New Team.

7. For the virtual machine, create a NIC Teaming with only the following configuration

  • Teaming mode: Switch Independent
  • Load Balancing : Address Hashing


8. Now you have successful created a NIC teaming in a virtual machine which will provide failover and load balancing features.

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