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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Total Capacity “0” Size When Adding Starwind SMI-S Provider in VMM 2012


Have you try use Starwind iSCSI SAN, Starwind SMI-S Provider and VMM 2012 to provision storage? If yes, and you may experience my similar issue as listed below. Read the below issue and the resolution on how I've solved the issue.


1. Added Starwind SMI-S Provider into VMM 2012 but total capacity size is in 0 size.


1. On the Starwind iSCSI SAN , create “pool” directory on your E Drive

2. Then specify “My Computer\\E\\pool” in the SMI-S Configurator. Refer to below screenshot on my configuration


At the end, when adding SMI-S Provider into VMM 2012, you should see “total capacity” is the same size of E Drive on StarWind iSCSI SAN.


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