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Thursday, July 9, 2009

[Updated-30 December 2009] - Virtual ISCSI Storage

For those who're want to test clustering without physical Storage, here is some link for Virtual ISCSI Storage.Feel free to download and evaluate

a) Starwind:-
Need to have Windows Server 2003 before install starwind software.
Download product:-StarWind Free

b)Windows Storage Server:-
Evaluation from Microsoft. You need to download 3 iso files with valid for 180 days
Download Products:-Windows Unified Data Storage Server 2003 – 32 bit – Standard or Enterprise.
* Registration is required.

FREE open source ISCSI storage.

d) Open-E DSS v6
From Open-E . Link recommended by Michel

e) Windows Storage Server 2008
* Applicable to Technet subscriber

f) ISCSI target using Linux Fedora 10
Written by Ow:-

g) SanMelody
From Datacore. (30 days evaluation)

h) FreeNAS

Feel free to let me know if you know additional Virtual Iscsi storage available in the market.