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Saturday, July 25, 2009

ISCSI Initiator in Hyper V R2

In Hyper V R2, you can easily configure ISCSI Initiator by using the command:-


The system will display ISCSI client configuration GUI

Step 1:-
After enter the above command, the system will ask if you want the Microsoft ISCSI Initiator service to start automatically.

Click Yes to start the service automatically.

If you decide to start the service later, enter the following command

sc config MSiSCSI start= auto
net start MSiSCSI

Step 2:- Enter the Target name and Click Quick Connect.

eg: SAN is my ISCSI Target.

Step 3: The system will connect to ISCSI Target and display the storage. The Disk status is show as "inactive". Select the disk and Click Connect.

The disk status will indicate "Connected". Click Done to complete the configuration

For those who're prefer to use command line, you can use iscsicli.exe tool.
Here is the typical commands to connect to your SAN storage:

iscsicli qaddtargetportal iscsihost.domainname.tld UserName Password
iscsicli persistentlogintarget quorum T * * * * * * * * * * * UserName Password 1 * 0
iscsicli persistentlogintarget vms T * * * * * * * * * * * UserName Password 1 * 0
iscsicli qlogintarget quorum UserName Password
iscsicli qlogintarget vms UserName Password

For more detail, please refer to Microsoft ISCI Initiator User Guide.