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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Part 112: Filter software update within sccm

This guide assume you have complete the Adding software update point role and install WSUS.

Let start to talk about filtering thousand of updates/patches from Microsoft.

1.Go to Computer Management, expand Software updates, Update Repository and Right Click Search folder. Select New Folder.

2. Give the folder name "Enterprise Search"

3.On the Enterprise Search folder, Right Click and Select New Search Folder. We are going to create all the filtering inside this Enterprise Search.

4.On the Search folder criteria step 1, select BulletinID,Expired and Superseded.

5. In step 2, define the following settings:-
Bulletin: MS09 (last two digit refer to year:2009)
Expired: No
Superseded: No

Tick search all folders under this features in step 3
And enter the name as "2009 software update"

Click Ok. Now you have completed the filter for 2009 patches.

Let create more filter. This time let create the current month update.

6. In Enterprise Search Folder, Right click and Create New Search folder.
Add the following criteria as displayed:-

Click Ok when done.

7. Now, to create a filter based on Windows Server 2008 patches. In Enterprise Search Folder, Right Click and Create New Search Folder
Add the following criteria as display

Click Ok when done.

8. Now, you have created 3 filters. Let run a test.

9. Go to Software Updates > Update Repository > In the Action pane > Select Run Synchronization. The SCCM server will connect to Microsoft Update to get the catalog update.

The system will prompt for confirmation to initiate site wide software update synchronization. Click Yes. You can refer to System Status > SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER to check the synchronization status.

10. Leave the system for few hours . The synchronization will took few hours if this is your first time synchronization.

11. After several hours, this is the result for

a) 2009 software update.
-only 2009 patches is listed-

b) Monthly search
-only showing the current month result-

c) Windows Server 2008 patches
-display update for Windows Server 2008 product-

Now you can start to create multiple search folder for different criteria after reading this guide. Before i end, please create the following search folder for next guide use:-

Objective: Filter all critical update for Windows Server 2008.

Stay Tune for next guide.
Cheer, ericlaiys