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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hyper V R2-Cluster Shared Volume

Hi, as promise let venture into Cluster Shared Volume (CSV). CSV is a feature of Failover Clustering available in Win2k8 R2 for use with the Hyper V role.

VM and VHD are created on or copied to a CSV. CSV allow any node to host VM and any node can access the VHD on shared storage.That's mean every cluster node can access the disk concurrently.

To enable CSV, you just need to click Enable Cluster Shared Volume.

Below image show how CSV appear in Failover Cluster:-

Once you enable CSV and add storage, CSV appears as subfolder in %systemroot%\ClusterStorage folder. If you add multiple volume in the CSV, they will appear as

You can add fixed, dynamic and diffential disk into CSV, but as i have mentioned in previous article, CSV will not support pass-through disk.

For more detail about CSV, pls refer to