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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Part 106:- Backup SCCM

SCCM Configuration Manager Console provide backup feature which will pull SCCM configuration and database into a single location.

Before we look into the backup configuration, you need to create a folder called "Backup" in the system root. Share the folder and add SQL01 (site database server) with Full Control for share and NTFS permission. If you did not add the database site server computer account, the backup will not backup database into this folder.

After create the folder, you can go to Site Management > Site Code > Site Settings > Site Maintenance > Tasks, Right click Backup ConfigMgr Site Server and select Properties.

Tick enable this task, set the network path to \\SCCM01\backup and configure the schedule of the backup.

Once complete the configuration, you can perform a test by opening services.msc and start the service SMS_SITE_Backup.

Wait until the service is stop. Verify by go to C:\Backup and you will see a folder called "LABBackup" (Format:-sitecodeBackup)has created. Inside the folders consisted of SiteDbServer folder, SiteServer folder, BackupDocument file and smsbkup file.

Then by using ntbackup or other backup software, you still need to backup the following folders (assuming you have all your packages on D:\ if not, backup the corresponding folders on C:\ etc:-


In other words, you will need to backup ALL packages on ALL distribution Points you have setup, including the Package source folders.

For more info, please refer to Microsoft SCCM Planning for Backup and Recovery

That's concluded part 106: Backup SCCM.

Stay tune for our next Part 107: Install SCCM 2007 R2.