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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Enable Internet Connection Sharing in Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012


Hi guy, have you try enabled Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) for above operating system? Well, i just did today and if you get around with Windows 7 or older operating system probably it will be easy to configure. My guess is wrong. The normal way of configure ICS is no longer available and i can’t find a way to configure in GUI. Before we move further let look into which scenario that you use ICS


  • Laptop running Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012
  • Mobile broadband (I’m using Yes Mobile – 4G mobile broadband which came with own dialer program and cannot get the dial up number to dial except using their own program. You can probably use other mobile broadband provider.
  • Share multiple devices such as Mobile phone (without data plan) or
  • Tablet (just order – Google Nexus 7 and hopefully to arrive in a month. This model did not came with 3G data plan and you only can use Wifi. So i really need ICS to be enabled to stay mobile, use Internet and blog more post. Smile

Thanks to additivetips post (click here), i can finally enable ICS.

This post is to remind me in future on how to configure ICS and hopefully will be useful to those of you who are looking into this solution.

To get started:-

1. Open command prompt

2. Type the following command:

netsh wlan show drivers

Make sure “Hosted network supported” is listed as Yes.

3. Create a hosted network

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=nexus key=nexus123

My new Ad-hoc SSID is “nexus”

passkey is “nexus123”. Must be 8 character

4. Start the mode to create

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

5. A new connection has created in Network Connection.


6. Now, right click your mobile broadband connection, select Properties and click Sharing tab. Tick Allow other network users to connect through this computer Internet connection and select the new connection. For my scenario is “Local Area Connection 11”


The “Local Area Connection 11” will be assigned an ip address “” (ICS default IP address). Then just dial your mobile broadband and on other devices connect via ad-hoc SSID. (mine is called “nexus”).

Alright, that all for now and now my machine is ready to enable ICS for my new tablet:- “Google Nexus 7” which is currently in progress of shipping from USA to Malaysia.

Stay tune…


  1. Thanks for this configuration leading to shared network. I will try this with my pocket wi-fi device as I want to connect my iPhone and Samsung Galaxy for mobile internet.

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  3. Question: Can I run similar command on win8 phone? How tethering actually works on win8 phone?

  4. On Windows 8 phone, i'm not sure if you can run the command.

  5. Thanks a lot for the info man. I created the connection, But can you help me use this on my Sony Xperia Ray running Android ICS.
    My mobile gets connected to this network but it doesn't seem to get the internet. Ever since I upgraded to ICS, I couldn't connect to wifi networks on my mobile. Can you help pls. Thanks in advance.

  6. the network is created, the connection is established, but the internet connection is not shared. how do we go around this?

  7. (I use a translator)

    execute: services.msc

    automatic configuration of wired, state "manual" change to "automatic"


    Properties network, LAN, properties, there is a new tab "Authentication"

    "disable" IEEE 802.1x Authentication

    now works like Windows XP

    do not forget to share Internet from the network card which connects the modem.

  8. Thanks or this. going to try it out now, hope it still works

  9. Everything worked perfectly! thanks so much!

  10. by mistake i was disable "Local Area Connection " so plz tell how to enable it

  11. If you still have issues with the other systems on the LAN accessing the internet, you may need to turn on the Routing and Remote Access service. (probably want to set it to automatic start).

    Also, you can change the default IP address scope ( if you like or need to via the registry:

    The specific params to change:
    ScopeAddress, StandAloneDhcpAddress

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