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Monday, June 27, 2022

Personal Experience Use AirAsia Ride Advanced Booking

I give AirAsia Ride a try since GrabCar does not allow for advanced booking. The only platform enabling you to do so at the time of writing this blog is 27 June 2022.


To Subang Airport to catch a flight to Penang.- Monday 27 June 2022


  • Tried on Sunday (26 June 2022) morning, but few drivers accepted and then canceled my booking.
  • Give up and on hold till night.
  • At night- Tried booking. Managed to get a driver. No cancellation make.
  • Booking with credit card payment

[Monday Trip]

  • Able to see the driver on the way after booking time.
  • Pick up by the driver

[Comunication with driver]

Based on his feedback:

AirAsia Ride - no penalty driver if cancel booking

If the driver cancels last minute, the system will try to find a nearby driver. If cannot find it, then no pick up. Therefore no guaranteed will get a ride

Driver prefer these payment methods

  • Cash - most prefer
  • Credit card - less prefer as payout needs to wait for a week
  • AirAsia Pocket - not preferred due to already passed 3 weeks, yet to get money back from the previous ride.

Driver feedback on GrabCar:

  • GrabCar has a penalty system to drivers. 
  • No advanced booking at this moment.
  • Can accept credit card as payout received by driver is 1 day


Encourage for the driver to select your ride

[After ride]

  • Can rate the driver
  • Get receipt by email

The strange part is driver added RM4 for toll even though they did not use toll. Cannot complain much about the system as traffic was bad in the morning to Subang Airport. Just consider as a tip to the driver.