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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Note Taking - Veeam v12 Veeam Agent Enhancement

 This is a blog post on note-taking for V12 for Veeam Agent. Total 5 Veeam Agent

1. Veeam Agent for Windows

  • Object storage support directly. License required [paid version]
  • Not needed synthetic full and compact full
  • Installer size decreased from 364MB to 144MB in Beta2. Easier deployment with low bandwidth
  • Efficient file-level backup for changed files. Block-level efficiency with file backup and only captured changed block of the changed file. Transfer only changed blocks.
  • DB changed to SQLite - low resource consumption. Previously use SQL LocalDB

2. Veeam Agent for Linux

  • Direct backup to object storage
  • GFS support
  • Postgres log backup support - only on Linux
  • Snapshot based backup with LVM snapshot - Good for distribution not supported by veeamsnap
  • Non SSH mode for Linux workload. No sudo/root credential on VBR, no need for SSH on Linux, No need for long sudoers list
  • Veeam Explorer for Postgres & Enterprise Manager support

3. Veeam Agent for Mac

  • New UI
  • Backup directly to object storage
  • Backup to different location with multiple jobs
  • resume backup job

4. Veeam Agent for Solaris

  • Bare metal recovery

5. Veeam Agent for AIX

  • Bare metal recovery

6. Cloud Native Agent for AWS & Azure  [New] 

  • For AWS and Azure Platform
  • Application-Aware processing (eg database log shipping)
  • Simplify networking (no VPN/direct connection VM needed)
  • Suitable for customers that lacks permission to run Veeam Backup for Amazon/Azure
  • Automatic discovery via cloud provider API
  • Can use machine selection/Instance ID / tag based
  • Distribution repository: upload agent setup components once, registered object storage repository in AWS/Azure.
  • Not supported Windows Failover Cluster
  • Managed by backup server

  • Secure Bare metal recovery with the recovery token
  • for security 
  • valid for 24 hours per default. Will expire automatically